Bethlehem Donkeys

Cupcake & Cookie were found wandering the streets in a small town in Texas. They were taken in by the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue and shipped to the Virginia Donkey Rescue to find a home. We adopted these adorable ladies in the Spring of 2017. Cupcake loves her new life and all of her friends. She is kind, sweet, and enjoys spending time with people. Cookie does not venture far from Cupcake and enjoys all the attention that comes from being with her outgoing friend. We do not know anything about their previous life and we are guessing they were born between 2003 – 2008.


Cracker Jack (CJ) was surrendered to the Virginia Donkey Rescue by his previous owners in Summer of 2017 and joined us in the Fall of 2017. CJ had no training but is very affectionate and willing to learn. After only a few months of training, CJ proved to be a great addition to our crew. He has a puppy dog personality and will follow you around seeking attention. The growth on his face by his mouth is a bone spur. It does not hurt or bother him. He is guessed to have been born in 2013.