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Baathoven found himself homeless after the shelter in which he lived suddenly closed down. We were asked if we could take him and of course said yes. Baathoven quickly learned to love his new home and friends. Face rubs, back scratches, and kisses are his three favorite things.  He was most likely born in 2012.

Mary Poppins was rescued from slaughter by a local family who did not have the means to take care of her so they called us for help. Mary was brought to us in January 2020. She is an alpine goat and was most likely born in spring of 2019. Mary is extremely affectionate and would happily spend all day getting attention from her people. 

Ace Ventura was picked up by Stafford Animal Control in February 2022 after he was found loose on a busy road. He was held at the shelter for six weeks but no one came forward for him. The shelter wanted to guarantee this little guy a forever home so they called seeking sanctuary for him. We brought him home the next day. Ace is a weird little dude who shows us more and more of his personality each day since his arrival. He is also part fainting goat so his limbs will stiffen on him if he is startled or scared. 

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Hucaya Alpacas

Chandler & Joey came from an Alpaca Farm in northern Virginia that was downsizing in December of 2016. They have prize winning fleece but have not sired any offspring. These alpacas were not handled much prior to joining us but, with consistent training now like and understand their new lives. The boys are not brothers, but were both born in 2011 and have been together since birth. Alpacas can and will spit if provoked!


Bert was rescued from slaughter by a local family who did not have the means to take care of him so they called us for help. Bert was brought to us in January 2020 and was probably born in spring of 2019. Bert is very sweet and is enjoying his new life with his goat friends. 

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