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Sugar is a 15 year old Belgium draft mare rescued in November 2021 from the Asheboro NC Kill Pen. Sugar is extremely sweet and is broke to ride but we do not know her training level or anything about her past. She has had her initial vet visit but still requires her vaccinations and four weeks in quarantine before her training can begin. Sugar enjoys snacks and lots of attention. She is around 16 hands tall. 


Sydney (left) and Sicily (right) are Arabian mares rescued in November 2021 from the Asheboro NC Kill Pen. They are a mother/daughter duo, guessed to be 14 and 11 years old. Both mares have a lot of potential but are untrained and unhandled. After a 30 day quarantine, their ground training will begin. Sydney is very friendly and wants to be around people. Sicily is a little more reserved and looks to her mom for guidance.


Crystal is a Paso Fino mare rescued in November 2021 from the Asheboro NC Kill Pen. Crystal is maybe 20 years old and has clearly had a rough life. Her initial vet visit revealed that she has melanoma, a heart murmur, and degenerative suspensory ligament disease. She requires daily anti-inflammatories to help with pain management. Crystal wants to be friendly but has a hard time trusting. Her current body score is a 2. She needs to gain100-150 pounds to reach a healthy weight. After her 30 day quarantine, Crystal will be placed in the retirement field where she can live out her days in peace. 


Spartan joined Campfire Critters in February 2022. He was surrendered by his previous family after he tested positive for HERDA, a severe skin condition that causes the skin on his back to easily tear. Spartan is a quarter pony standing at just 14 hands tall and is approximately three years old. He is very sweet but a little shy and timid. While he cannot be ridden, we will work with Spartan on ground manners and building trust/confidence around people. 

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