Fred is a large pony measuring at just under 14 hands tall. He came to live with us from a local riding barn in May of 2016 after retiring from his job as an intermediate school pony due to laminitis. He spent many years in the hunter show ring helping kids transition to bigger horses and higher jumps. He is athletic with a fun and playful personality. Fred was born in 1995 and is a Welsh Cross.

Ashe is a spotted saddle horse who joined us in summer of 2016. She is very kind, easy going, and loves kids. She enjoys trail riding and meeting all the kids at pony rides. Ashe is very safe to ride and enjoys all the attention our little campers give her. This sweet girl measures in at 16 hands and her birth year is guessed to be 2004.

Java is a Tennessee Walking horse born in 1999 and has been with us since summer of 2017. He is an all-around gentleman who is very safe to ride and handle. He has a very smooth, comfortable gait and enjoys trail riding and pony rides. Java measures in at 15 hands.

Sadie is an Arabian cross standing at 15 hands tall. She was born in 2008 and came to us in October of 2018 from a local schooling barn who took her in a few years prior after her original owner could no longer take care of her. Sadie is a sensitive soul who was started poorly under saddle causing her to worry and stress with each new rider. She had a wonderful home but because of her past, was not usable as a school horse. The barn owner graciously donated her to us thinking she would enjoy a life of lead line pony rides and have the chance to bond with just one rider for more advanced training. Sadie is enjoying her new life and appreciates her past and present owners for listening to her needs and finding her the right job.

Ana's original owner abandoned her along with the rest of her herd and moved out of the country leaving them to fend for themselves. Thankfully, they were saved by Central Virginia Horse Rescue. Ana was born in 2014 and came to us in 2016 as an unbroken and unhandled filly. Ana is very smart and is easy to train as she thrives on learning new things. She stands at 15 hands tall and on her way to becoming a very easy horse to ride. Her breed is unknown. 

Lala is an Appaloosa who was born sometime between 1999-2001. Lala was trained to be a show horse and in his youth carried his young riders through the ranks jumping up to 3' in the hunter ring. In his late teens he started exploring trails too. Lala is high energy and loved to take on new challenges. Unfortunately, being an Appaloosa, he became victim to moon blindness in his right eye and found himself in early retirement. He now enjoys slow trail rides with his friends.

Max joined us in January 2021 from a local schooling barn. He was retired out of the schooling program a few years ago due to on and off soundness issues. While he can no longer jump or do intense ring work, Max is very capable of doing pony rides and beginner riding lessons for small to medium sized kids. We do not knows exact age but we are guessing he is around 18 years old. 

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