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Miniature Horses

Angel and her son, Pistol, were our very first Campfire Critters. We picked them up in January of 2016 from a small town in North Carolina. Angel was born in 2008. She is very affectionate and loves attention. Pistol is a silly and adorable little guy, who loves to run and play with his friends. Pistol was born in 2013 and has always been with his mom. These two are a bonded pair. 

Aurora (Rory) came to us in 2017 from a young lady who rescued her from an abusive situation but could no longer keep her. When we picked up Rory she was very nervous and defensive as the little handling that she had prior to her rescue was rough and aggressive. With time, she has learned to trust us, progressed with her training, and became best friends with her field mates. She learned much of her calm demeanor from Angel and loves to run and play with Pistol. Rory’s exact age is unknown, but we are estimating her birth year to be 2013.

Buckwheat and Alfalfa joined us in June of 2019 from Central Virginia Horse Rescue. Both boys were rescued from a hoarding situation where the herd had little to no human interaction. Over the past year we have been working with them on basic training and staying calm around people. Buckwheat struggles a little more than Alfalfa because he has sight issues and an old back/hip injury that makes him fearful of being hurt again. Considering what these boys have been through, they are coming along nicely. Buckwheat and Alfalfa are guessed to have been born between 2010- 2012. 

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