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Newest Rescue, Donations Needed!

Over the past week, we have received multiple requests and inquiries about pigs in need of a new home. We are doing our best to help by educating and connecting families who may be interested in adoptions. On Friday, we got a message saying there was a pig at Gloucester Animal Control in urgent need of rescue as her time was quickly running out. We contacted animal control for more information and found out that they had a pig that came in as a stray about a month ago who they considered un-adoptable. Thankfully, the wonderful officers at Animal Control agreed to transfer her to our facility yesterday to give her a second chance at life. Unfortunately, reality is that animal control facilities do not have the time, money, or resources to keep an un-adoptable pig indefinitely but that is why animal sanctuaries exist.

This is our newest mini pig rescue, Shakira. We do not know her age, breed, or anything about her past. We do know she is absolutely terrified of life to the point of hurting herself in order to get away from people. She is limping on a front leg and shaking from fear. She is currently isolated and requires consistent, one on one attention to build confidence and trust as well as immediate vet care. If you are able and willing to help Shakira, please donate to our 'piggy bank' through our PayPal account. Any amount, no matter how small, is a great help. The funds raised in our 'piggy bank' will be used for caring for our pigs and expanding our fields so we can continue to take more. Until we can expand, we are at capacity and not taking intakes unless urgent care is needed.

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