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Shakira is Pregnant! #pigletwatch

We are so happy that we were able to rescue sweet Shakira back in May and even more so now that we know she is (and was at the time of her rescue) pregnant! By giving us the chance to take her in, animal control not only saved her life but the lives of all of her babies.

This is of course an unexpected (and exciting!) surprise. If you are able to help Shakira and her babies, please donate to our PayPal account:

All amounts are greatly appreciated and will go towards supplies, food, field expansion, and vet care for our pigs. You can also help by donating fresh fruit and veggies, old blankets and sheets, or even a bag of Mazuri Youth pig food. Donated supplies can be shipped to the campground at 3149 Campground Rd Hayes Va 23072 or dropped off at the Ranger Station.

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