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Welcome Spartan!

We were contacted at the end of January by a family looking for sanctuary for their newly rescued quarter pony. Spartan was bailed from the Asheboro kill pen in December 2021 and it was assumed at the time that he had a bad skin infection. However, after further vetting, Spartan was diagnosed with Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (HERDA) when his tests came back as double positive, meaning he inherited this ailment from both his parents. HERDA horses are typically euthanized as they cannot be ridden and they are high maintenance to keep healthy and free from infection. As much as his family wanted to keep him, they did not have the means to care for him. Thankfully they sought a forever home for him rather than killing him. So on Wednesday, February 9, we welcomed Spartan as our newest Campfire Critter. He is a little guy measuring at around 14 hands. After his two week quarantine, we will do our best to pair him with another animal on the farm so he has a friend. Because of his condition, he cannot be with a large group of horses or anyone who may be aggressive causing any type of wounds to his neck or back. Our goal is to find him a companion who also needs a quiet environment and we are hoping it will be our lovely Paso fino, Crystal. More updates to come.

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