Horseback Riding Lessons

Check back in with us August 2021.

Private English Riding Lessons are available to all! Call 804-832-2186 or message Campfire Critters on Facebook to book your lesson. Each lesson is $30 and lasts up to 60 minutes depending on the rider's fitness level and attention span. We recommend lessons for riders age 5 and up but will do lessons for younger kids if requested. All proceeds from lessons will go towards general care of our animals (feed, vet, farrier, etc.). 


Please note the following:

  • All riders (18+) must sign a liability waiver before entering the riding ring.

  • Anyone under 18 must have a responsible adult sign a liability waiver before entering the riding ring.

  • Riders will be riding in an all purpose English saddle. 

  • Parents must stay with their child while the child is riding. 

  • Riders must wear pants. Riding pants, yoga pants or leggings recommended. Ankles must be covered. 

  • Riders must have on approved footwear consisting of a smooth sole and distinguishable heel. Paddock boots recommended.

  • Helmets will be provided and must be worn at all times while mounted. 

  • Good listening skills required. 

  • Lessons will take place in the Pine Cone Corral across from the entrance of Jellystone Park. 

These are beginner lessons for novice riders. Throughout lessons, riders will learn how to:

  • groom your horse

  • safely walk your horse on a lead 

  • tack your horse 

  • safely mount and dismount from your horse 

  • correctly sit in the saddle

  • steer your horse at a walk and trot 

  • post at a walk and trot

  • stand in jumping position at the walk and the trot

Once riders complete these objectives and can safely trot and post correclty unassisted, they can move on to the next stage of riding where riders learn to canter and advance their technique in all gates. 

Meet Our Trainer

Emily Peck is a professionally trained horseback rider who enjoys teaching others to rider as well! She has 15 years of riding experience, owns 4 horses, and cares for all of the animals here at Campfire Critters. Emily is going back to school to earn a certificate in advanced horse training from the Animal Behavior Institute and will be getting her Riding Instructor credentials from the United States Hunter/Jumper Association later this year. Call her at 804-832-2186 to book your lesson and support the sanctuary!