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Sponsor an Animal

Interested in helping us cover costs for a specific animal? Head to PayPal and set up a recurring donation! Just enter the animal's name in on the last page to let us know who you want to support, or select a category to have us put your funds towards all animals in the category.

Any amount helps, but see some suggested amounts below: 

Full-Sized Horses

The grain alone for each of our CCAS horses is $60-$130 per horse per month. When you factor in hay, labor, and daily medications, many of our horses cost over $300/month! Routine vet and farrier care is about $800 per year, assuming the horse has no special needs. On average, the monthly expenses for our full-sized horses is about $350 per horse. 

$50/mo - covers half of the grain for one horse

$100/mo - covers grain for one horse

$175/mo - covers half of one horses's expenses

$350/mo - covers one horses's expenses 


We spend over $1000/month in feed costs for our pigs! These critters also need hay and straw in the winter to keep warm. Each pig costs about $20/month in the warmer months, and about $30/month in the winter. 

$25 - covers all of one pig's expenses for the month

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