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Welcome Babybel, Mandarin, & Godiva!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

When we moved here in June, we took a trip to the Stafford County Animal Shelter to introduce ourselves and offer assistance if needed. They immediately asked if we could take cats. Not the cute kittens or the cuddly ones, the barn/feral cats. They had 6 that needed a home commitment or their alternative was euthanasia. We of course committed to the 6 cats and awaited the email that they were ready (shots, spay/neutered). Yesterday we received the email that the first three were ready to go so we picked them up this morning. The next three cats are scheduled to be fixed August 16 and will come home after that.

These cats are not interested in human contact. They will stay in the barn for a few weeks then be released to roam the farm and live their lives in peace with an endless food supply.

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