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#Virginia155 Fundraiser

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Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary has committed to the rescue of 12 mini pigs abandoned in Orange, Virginia and we need your support! Funds raised will be used to cover new fencing, shelters, additional feed, and any necessary vet care. Every little bit helps, and whether or not you can give, please help us by sharing!

Here's the story of the #Virginia155 In January 2021, approximately 155 pigs were abandoned on a farm in Orange, Virginia. A combination of rescues, sanctuaries, and pig loving people have spent the year catching, spay/neutering, vetting, and finding homes for these beautiful animals. There are currently 30 pigs in foster homes, many available for adoption (ask us how to adopt!), and 12 still on the farm. With our recent move to Willowdale Farm, Campfire Critters Animal Sanctuary is able to give a forever home to these last 12 pigs. In order to do this, we have to fence another field for these pigs (1.5 acres) and add two more shelters. A pig safe fence and two shelters will cost approximately $20,000. Please consider donating and sharing to help us give these pigs a safe forever home.

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